Wednesday, February 17, 2010


We went downtown today to see some of the stuff happening for the Olympics. After waiting 40 minutes in a line to go on a walkway about 20 ft up for a nice view of the torch, we got this picture:

We also went to Robson Square (OMG busy) and LiveCity Yaletown at David Lam Park. Panasonic had a booth there, with two 103" 3D HD tvs. WOW. This picture if from there:

We had a good time today, but we're really tired now.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pretend play is great

Around 2 or 3 this afternoon, I was feeling really tired. I went and lay down on the spare bed we have in Chloe's room so that Kara could play while I got some rest. Chloe came in and decided that I would be Chloe, she would be mommy, and she would put me to bed. So she did our normal bedtime routine for me: got me (pretend) water, asked me which toy I would like to sleep with, rubbed my back and tucked me in. She even ended with my customary "I'll see you in the morning." I was so sweet, and reminded me just how much children want to be like their parents.

We've also been playing a lot of "pirates" (spurred on by her Dora's Pirate Adventure DVD), going pretend fishing and making pretend cookies. 3 year olds are fun :)

Monday, February 1, 2010


Lat week after church (January 24) I told Mark that I had been feeling God's calling for a few days that now is my time to get into missions work. Yesterday at church the sermon was about missions, and it really drove home that calling. It hasn't taken more shape than a general calling yet, except that I know I'm not being called to serve in the church (ie with Sunday school). I'm supposed to go out (somewhere) and do something to help people in need and who may not have heard of Jesus before.

So, if you would please take a moment to pray that I would know where God is calling me to, and that He would provide abundantly so that I may do what he is asking of me.

Thanks, and have a good February, everyone!