Monday, July 27, 2009

The Big Bang Theory

is an AWESOME show. Watch it!

So many things

Wow, so much has happened over the last week and a half, so I apologize now for how long this post might be.

First off, Mark had an icky birthday, but we had a really nice semi-surprise party for him the day after. Of course, Mark ended up working the 15th & 16th, right in the middle of his hiatus. Which reminds me, Mark started work again today. We have loved our daddy being home so much, it is quite a shock to me and Chloe for him to be gone again.

Right before Mark's birthday, we went to his brother Lee's house for a weekend. We had a really good time, but lost a lot of sleep. We got there Friday afternoon, and left Monday afternoon. Chloe woke up at 6:30 on Saturday, and 5:40 Sunday/Monday :( It was really bright and really warm in our room in the mornings :P

After Mark's birthday, my best friend Coral came down from Trail for a visit. While she was here, we visited the BC Renaissance Festival, went out for yummy food and relaxed. It was nice. I had really missed her.

Over the weekend was the crazy awesome light show (and fireworks too). We got wet. Then Sunday we went to Ruby's 3rd birthday party, then Mark's parents for dinner. And in less than a month it's Chloe's birthday!

Here's two pictures to end the post:

Chloe at 4.5 months

Kara at 4.5 months

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Mark

Hooray, Mark is 27! Happy birthday to our husband and daddy, we all love you very much.

Monday, July 13, 2009


We are home from our trip to Lee's up in Vernon. We had a great time, but it sure is nice to be back. I would love to post pictures for you, but I kind of forgot that we brought our camera along :P If I can get Lee to email me some pictures I'll post them then.

While we were at Lee's, Chloe woke up way too early. 6:30 on Saturday, and 5:40 Sunday and today. It was really hard to drag myself out of bed to deal with her :P Though on the up side, she did nap both Sunday and today. In fact, we managed to get 3 hours of our trip home done with both our girls asleep - hooray!

I sure do love my own bed, which is where I'm headed now.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Daddy Home Days

Today is the end of day 7 of Mark's 30 day hiatus. Or, in other words, Mark has a lot of "daddy home day"s in a row. We've been hanging out, doing chores, enjoying our neighbors' pool, and staying up way too late even though we know we should try to catch up on sleep. We're going to go visit Mark's brother Lee and his kids in Vernon next weekend, and the weekend after that, our friend Coral (I met her in Lethbridge) is coming down here to visit us. While she's here, we're going to go to the BC Renaissance Festival, which just happens to be (mostly) run by one of Mark's co-workers.

Also, our internet and phone line went down at 1pm on Tuesday, and didn't come back until noon on Thursday. We weren't happy, to say the least. However, it did result in Mark finishing this:

Hey, we have time right now, so if any of you wanna come visit, let us know!