Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Doin' fine

Everything is plodding along slowly here. I hurt my ankle (not badly) on Sunday morning, but am mostly recovered now. I just can't walk fast. Kara only crawls about 5% of the time now, though she's still relatively unstable because she is so small. Chloe is in preschool one day a week, and she's absolutely loving it. Mark is still off work, but production for Season 2 of Stargate: Universe has started (as in, the art department and writers are working), and it looks like Mark will start late Feb or early March. Everything else is pretty much status quo.

Oh yeah, my mom got new furniture, so we inherited her chair-and-a-half. Its AWESOME.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Its Serious

It is now obvious that we are dealing with a severe food allergy (or maybe more than one) with Kara. Some time late Tuesday or early Wednesday she ate something that her body thinks is bad, and now she is covered from head to toe (well, ankle) in little red spots. Not quite hives, since they have stayed separate spots, but more raised than normal eczema is.

We've been to see a normal doctor regarding Kara's eczema already. We got a referral to the pediatric allergist, but we have to wait until March 5. So for now its two more months of guessing what foods we can and can't give our baby, while all she wants to do is eat more and more. I'm grateful that I can still breastfeed her (since lactose is probably an allergen), but the amount of food she wants is starting to be more than I can realistically supply.

Things we're pretty sure Kara is allergic to:
(Or, it seems, that her body has an auto-immune response to)
Milk (cows AND goats milk are both no-touch right now)

Other things we may need to avoid:
Oats (they naturally contain gluten, which might be the problem with wheat)

So far we haven't had any anaphylactic responses, which means no trips to emergency, thankfully. But its really hard on all of us, especially Kara.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Kara is not sleeping well. Its super frustrating. That's all, just needed to complain.