Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kara's Words

This is mostly just for us, so we can remember a small part of Kara's growing up. Her words are expanding so fast, and I wanted to take a snap-shot of her vocabulary at this point in her life. Here are most of the words she says and uses correctly (and how she says them).

baby (beey-bee)
tickle (tik-uh)
more (moh)
bath (bah)
key (keh)
no (nuh/nuu)
up (uhpuh)
door (dough)

Friday, July 16, 2010

So many things...

The picture of Kara and me is from Canada Day. It was so cold we were wearing sweaters inside!
The picture of Mark and Chloe is from Ricky's wedding.
These two pictures are the ones that I currently have displayed on my monitors (yes, Mark and I have two monitors each). Every time Kara sees the picture of Mark and Chloe she says "Hi Dada." Its amazing.

Today we went to Abbotsford with Briana and Ruby. We went to Briana's parents' house and swam in the pool. All three girls had a BLAST! Kara displayed her normal "no fear", and Chloe was nervous-excited. By that I mean she spent a lot of time on the steps going into the pool, and would only get off the steps for a few minutes at a time; but she was laugh and smiling the whole time!

After a REALLY rough week at work, Mark is now on hiatus. That means we get at least two weeks straight of "daddy home days". I know all four of us are going to enjoy this immensely. Mark will also super enjoy sleeping in. And I might even get to sleep in once or twice!

Tomorrow we are going to Abbotsford to visit Paul & Greta, and to meet Emma. I am really looking forward to meeting and holding their new baby. Chloe is also really looking forward to seeing her cousin Ava.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kara's Milk "Allergy?"

I guess I should start this post by saying that I was in Trail over the weekend for Coral's 30th birthday. I took Kara with me, and Mark and Chloe stayed home. I had a great time.


I didn't limit what Kara ate in the way of dairy, nor what I ate. Ice cream cake, cheezies, lots of M&Ms. Super yummy, but now Kara is paying for my lack of caring. Though it turns out this was a very good test. Anyway, over the last few days Kara has slowly had rashes return to her legs, then today I noticed it on her tummy, chest and cheeks. I know she finds it itchy, and it looks horrid.

So after she went to bed today, I decided to look up milk allergies more in depth. I basically discovered that IF it is a milk allergy, its a Milk Protein Intolerance. Since its a super-delayed reaction, it is very hard to prove that she has an allergy using the normal skin/blood test that allergists employ. However, I am convinced that she is for sure allergic to milk, and will no longer give her anything with milk in it. And that means no more milk for me until I am no longer breast feeding her.


Congratulations & Happy Birthday

Mark's sister-in-law Greta had a baby girl earlier today. We welcome Emma Joy Nicholson to our family. Congratulations to Paul, Greta and Ava.

And we wish happy 28th birthday to our daddy and husband. We love you Mark. Thank you for everything you do for us. You make us very happy.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So, its a week and a half late, but here goes anyway.

Last week, Uncle Lee (Mark's bro) and his kids came down from Vernon for a week. The very first day they were here, we got all of Mark's family together and had a big June/July birthday party for me (June 11), Mark (July 14), Violet (July 19) and James (July 27). Due to our food restrictions, I made the cake. And what a cake it was!

I made gluten free carrot cake, topped it with dairy free cream cheese icing, and then made rolled fondant for the turtle and flowers too!

The rest of Lee's visit was also fun. Chloe got to go to Playland with Uncle Lee, we went swimming, hung out on Canada Day (which was so cold!) and played some too.

Kara continues to try out new words, such as "car" and "jump". And "new", though it sounds like a mix between "new" and "no".

This is the last week of work for Mark before summer hiatus begins. We're looking forward to having daddy home for a few weeks, and hopefully going to the park now that it looks like summer might be here. Speaking of parks, we're off to the water park with some friends when Kara wakes up from her nap.

I am also headed to Trail with just Kara this weekend for my friend Coral's 30th birthday. Hopefully Kara doesn't hate the super long car ride too much... *fingers crossed* I'm dropping Chloe off in Abbotsford with Grandma on Thursday, and Grandma will bring Chloe home to Mark on Friday when Mark is done work. I'll be arriving home sometime late afternoon/early evening (preevening?) on Monday. It will really be nice to see Coral again.