Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy (day after) Thanksgiving

I know I should update this more often, but oh well. Here's what we've done in the last week:

Thursday Oct 8, Mark and I went to Distant Worlds: The Music of Final Fantasy performed by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and the UBC Opera Ensemble. It was FANTASTIC. We loved the music and it was great to get out without our girls. It did make me miss the days of high-school band and choir though; I like music.

On Friday the 9th, Chloe and I went to see The Wiggles in concert. While the concert was great and Chloe had fun, getting to and from the Arena at UBC was a nightmare. It took us almost 2 hours to get there, and we were 20 minutes late for the concert. The concert ended at 8, we got to our car at 8:20, and finally got to leave the parking lot at 8:40. Mark had Kara, and they did not have a good evening. In other words, I don't think I'll ever go to an event at UBC in the evening again, and I won't leave Mark alone with Kara for more than an hour or two.

Saturday was Thanksgiving dinner with my mom & her family that lives out here. We went to Rob & Karen's in Mission. It was fun. Chloe stayed over at my Mom's Saturday night, which was a nice break for us. Then Sunday was dinner at Mark's parents; my mom dropped Chloe off there for us, and ended up staying for dinner. It was nice to see all our parents at the same time.

Monday was just a nice relaxing day at home with daddy, though Mark did go see Inglorious Basterds with Blair in the afternoon. I think he liked it...?

The only other important thing is that Kara is now truly crawling, and is pulling herself up to stand ALL THE TIME. She really likes it. She is slowly getting more stable, but still falls over a lot. Though at least she is learning to avoid hitting her head most of the time.

Oh yeah! I am part of a group of people at our church making quilts for an orphanage in the Philippines. It is our goal to make 40 or more quilts (they'll each be about 36" square) by March. So if you have any extra 100% cotton fabric laying around, let me know. Please spread the word on our need for fabric. Thanks!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


So many things have happened this week. Lets start the list!

Kara is pulling herself up to standing on objects already! She's still super wobbly though, and has taken quite a few falls, which has led to a lot of cries.
On Tuesday when it was raining a lot, we told Chloe that it was fall, and that the summer sun was gone. To which she said, "It has lots of rainy days!" It made us laugh. She's so smart to figure that one out.

Chloe has been playing with our across-the-street neighbour a lot these past two weeks. Her name is Ayla, and she's also 3.
Mark got a computer set up behind our TV so that we can watch anime, etc. on it. Chloe has observed that we can turn our TV into a computer. Kara is also enthralled with the mouse, since it glows red and all.

Uncle Lee bought a Disney Princess play mat set for Kara. She's enjoying it.
While Chloe isn't in preschool this fall, she is in dance class and sports school. Dance class is fun because she gets to prance around in her body suit and tutu, and sports school is great because she can run around.

And a reminder that the premiere of Stargate Universe is tomorrow night at 6pm on Space Channel!