Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We went to Lee's in Vernon for Easter. We had a great time.

Uncle Lee was funny, as expected, and very fun to play with. He bought the girls some stuffed bunnies that they really like.

We played games, played in the park, watched movies and hung out. Mark played through all of Portal 2 (single player) and I played the first bit of Kirby's Epic Yarn, a game I still want to get. We also had an egg hunt, which was a lot of fun for everyone.


We had a horrible drive on the Coquihalla last night though. We left Merritt as it reached full dark, and it was pouring/snowing the whole way from there to Chilliwack. The road was just a black, reflective surface, which made seeing anything really hard.

But we made it home safe, which is the important part.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So, I know Kara only turned 2 just over a month ago, but she knows almost all of the alphabet! She decided she wanted to learn it late last week, and we ran with it. As of tonight, this is what she knows:

A B C D E F G H I J L O P Q R S T U W X Y Z (correctly pronounced "zed")

In other words, she is missing K M N and V. That's it! She also loves to sing, and will often sing Twinkle Twinkle or Itsy Bitsy Spider, or something she just makes up on the spot.

Chloe is obsessed with her "tap dance" game, in which she puts on her dressy shoes and stomps/dances around the kitchen floor. I, of course, get to be the audience. Kara will often join Chloe, though its not as much her type of game.

Also of note is the amazing way that our girls play together now that Kara can talk so well, and the fact that Kara has started on her terrible twos with much shrieking over very little things.

This weekend we are headed to Lee's in Vernon, and Chloe is SO excited. She often tells me that "Uncle Lee is the funniest of all." It will be fun to do something different for Easter this year, and hanging out with Lee and his kids is always fun.

And that's about it in our crazy life :)