Friday, July 3, 2009

Daddy Home Days

Today is the end of day 7 of Mark's 30 day hiatus. Or, in other words, Mark has a lot of "daddy home day"s in a row. We've been hanging out, doing chores, enjoying our neighbors' pool, and staying up way too late even though we know we should try to catch up on sleep. We're going to go visit Mark's brother Lee and his kids in Vernon next weekend, and the weekend after that, our friend Coral (I met her in Lethbridge) is coming down here to visit us. While she's here, we're going to go to the BC Renaissance Festival, which just happens to be (mostly) run by one of Mark's co-workers.

Also, our internet and phone line went down at 1pm on Tuesday, and didn't come back until noon on Thursday. We weren't happy, to say the least. However, it did result in Mark finishing this:

Hey, we have time right now, so if any of you wanna come visit, let us know!

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