Thursday, October 1, 2009


So many things have happened this week. Lets start the list!

Kara is pulling herself up to standing on objects already! She's still super wobbly though, and has taken quite a few falls, which has led to a lot of cries.
On Tuesday when it was raining a lot, we told Chloe that it was fall, and that the summer sun was gone. To which she said, "It has lots of rainy days!" It made us laugh. She's so smart to figure that one out.

Chloe has been playing with our across-the-street neighbour a lot these past two weeks. Her name is Ayla, and she's also 3.
Mark got a computer set up behind our TV so that we can watch anime, etc. on it. Chloe has observed that we can turn our TV into a computer. Kara is also enthralled with the mouse, since it glows red and all.

Uncle Lee bought a Disney Princess play mat set for Kara. She's enjoying it.
While Chloe isn't in preschool this fall, she is in dance class and sports school. Dance class is fun because she gets to prance around in her body suit and tutu, and sports school is great because she can run around.

And a reminder that the premiere of Stargate Universe is tomorrow night at 6pm on Space Channel!

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