Sunday, November 22, 2009

Teeth, and tired

Kara popped out two more teeth yesterday morning, which means she has 4. She's working on two more on the top still, which has made for not good sleeping. That combined with staying up late on Friday to play Robo Rally with Ricky and Audrey means we're both exhausted right now.

Other than that, life goes. My mom and sister were over yesterday, which was nice. My girls sure love Grandma.

Church day today. Chloe is finally happy to go to Sunday School, and we can get Kara to stay in nursery at least half the time.

Mark is working on a 3D mini-competition last week and this week, which means even though he's home, he's not really around to help out with stuff. Its different that when he's at work though, because the girls still want to see him, and he still emerges every once in a while to get a drink or have meals with us. Overall, its good but a bit strange.

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