Sunday, March 7, 2010

Allergy test and birthday party

So, after waiting 3 months to see an allergist for Kara, we finally had our appointment on Friday. We went in, talked a bit, the allergist did the typical skin-prick test where they put whatever the allergen in the food is on the skin and make a small scratch. If the scratch flares up into a hive, that's an allergic reaction.


Something is still causing Kara's eczema, but apparently its not easy to identify. This does mean that all Kara has is an "intolerance" though, so nothing she eats should be life-threatening. But we need to go back to the doctor and see what he says, since I want to know why her skin is so icky.

Today was Kara's birthday party (she's 1 on wednesday!). We had our parents, my sister and Mark's brother Peter over, ate food and gluten-free/dairy-free cake, opened presents and visited. It was a nice, low-key party. Here's Kara eating cake!

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