Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So I wrote this part on Monday:
We're all alive, and all tired. Mark had a stag on Friday/Saturday, and while he was at it, the girls and I stayed at my mom's. I also went to a stagette on the Saturday afternoon. Then Sunday was a going-away party for my sister who is at this moment on a plane on her way to Thailand(!!). We often seem to pack too much into a weekend and end up more tired on Monday than we were on Friday (like now).

And now its Tuesday. We're feeling a bit better today. Still tired, but I managed to sleep until 8:20, which is very amazing! Mark is only working 8 hour days right now, which is helping with us feeling better sooner.

However, we've still got a very busy May. This weekend is Mother's Day, and another stag/stagette combo. Then we've got 2 weddings and our anniversary (5 years!!!) later in the month. Thankfully there are no birthdays to worry about.

I'll go to bed now. I need sleep.

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