Sunday, September 26, 2010

Life... progressing as normal. Not much to report, but what there is to share I will do so now...

Mark is working 10 hour days (finally). We miss having him home at 4, but appreciate the extra money it brings in, so we can do fun things like go out for meals.

On Saturday we took our girls to the miniature railroad in North Burnaby. Its a small park with lots of track and 1/18th scale engines that pull bench cars. Lots of fun!

Kara just keeps on talking more and more. It's wonderful! She's also really interested in letters, though all she can say is "A" and "O".

Chloe has now had 2 weeks of preschool, and is enjoying it like last year. We have to wait one more week, and then she also gets to go to dance class. Both times we have dropped Chloe off, Kara also goes to the story-time rug and really wants to be a part of preschool. I am sure the same thing will happen with dance class.

I am starting a dance class of my own tomorrow night. I bet I will be super tired and super sore on Tuesday morning! It will be nice to do something I enjoy by myself for 2 hours though :)

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