Friday, February 20, 2009

Well, here goes

You know, I tried the Live Journal thing a few years ago, and let it fall by the wayside. Really, only my Lethbridge friends knew about it anyway. I'm starting this now in an attempt to keep everyone updated on our lives now that we're going to have TWO kids O.o 2.5 weeks to go to my due date of March 10!

I'm at home right now trying to get over a cold, and Chloe is watching Dora the Explorer. While I don't like "TV" that much, but it sure is a life-saver when I feel as icky as I have the last few days. It's also really neat to watch Chloe interacting with Dora, answering her questions and telling me what will happen/has happened.

Mark is still working making props for Stargate. They're in pre-production for Stargate: Universe, which starts filming soon and will be on TV this fall. Its lots of work, but its also rewarding. I still think Mark has one of the coolest jobs EVAR.

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