Friday, March 6, 2009

C is for Cookie (and Chloe, and chocolate)

Chloe and I made chocolate cookies this evening. Making cookies with Chloe is one of my favorite things to do. She loves putting on her apron (which my mom made), helping dump all the ingredients in, and mixing stuff with the beaters. Of course, she also likes eating the dough and the cookies too!

I just put Chloe to bed... I know this is one of my last few nights where I'll have free time before I go to sleep... the baby is coming any day now. I think Chloe is excited to meet the new baby, but I know she doesn't quite understand HOW MUCH TIME new babies take. It will be a big adjustment for all of us.

I'll go relax now, I'm not gonna pass this opportunity up.

1 comment:

  1. Still praying for all of you :). Enjoy the precious evening(s) of relaxation before they turn into the precious seconds of sanity!