Thursday, August 13, 2009

Big girls and happy girls

Yesterday, Chloe proved to me how much she is growing and learning. We were in her room talking and playing after her evening bath, and out of no where she said "and its a Chloe constellation!" I was all "what did you just say?!?" and very impressed. I can only assume she got that word from TV, since its not exactly an every day word. Still, it shows that she's picking up new things and turning more and more into a little person :)

Also, on Saturday my mom was over, helping us around the house and taking care of our girls. We were eating dinner, and Kara was sitting up happily in her little blue chair. She's only 5 months, and already sitting so well, as long as she has a little bit of support! My mom says to Kara "don't you know babies aren't supposed to be so happy? They're supposed to cry and fuss." To which Mark replied "Shhh! Don't tell her that!" Kara is such a wonderful little girl. She only cries if she's hurt (duh!), tired, hungry or needs to pee/poo. Otherwise she's happy and content, giving smiles all the time, and some giggles too. She's babbling a bit now, and its really sweet to hear. Infant potty training with Kara is also going well. We catch about half of her pees, and 90% of her poos, which means a lot less messy diapers, and no nasty diaper rash. Hooray!

We are so blessed to have our little girls.

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