Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Chloe!

Wow! Our big girl is 3 today! Its amazing to think that we have had 3 precious years with her so far. Of course, they've been 3 pretty crazy years as well.

Here are some pictures from her party on Saturday. I made her a Swiper the Fox (from Dora) cake, she was really happy. We had a lot of fun.

Yesterday we went to Abbotsford to visit Mark's cousin Steve in the hospital. Then we went to his house and hung out with his wife Carolyn and their two daughters. Each of their daughters is about 2.5 months older than our girls, so Chloe and Anna had a great time playing. Kara and Laura had a great time making faces and smiles at each other, and grabbing for each other too. It was a lot of fun, even if Steve wasn't there to participate. But Carolyn says he gets to come home today, hooray! For more, see this post on their blog.

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