Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter, etc

Hey! We're alive. Really, I promise :)

Our lives have been busy. Mark is working again, 10 hours a day, with a few 11's thrown in. He comes home from work at 6pm exhausted, and gets 2 hours to eat dinner and spend with our girls before they go to bed.

Yesterday we moved Kara's crib into Chloe's room. We're hoping that will help her slowly get to the point where she sleeps through the night. I am so tired of her waking up 3, 4, 5 times a night. Sometimes she's up every hour from 12 to 6. It makes it really hard for me to get sleep, and Mark was suffering too.

Still working on Kara's food intolerances - they're not "allergies" because she doesn't have an almost instantaneous reaction to them, her reactions take a while. We've got her off wheat and dairy and they slowly seem to be clearing. However, since I'm still breastfeeding her, I also need to be off wheat, and mostly off dairy so that she's not getting any of it through my milk. Its really hard to come up with ideas for lunch for me, and its absolutely impossible to go out for food. Mark and Chloe got to have pizza for dinner on Friday, while I ate a chicken caesar salad - without croutons :P

Easter this year was good, but busy. The girls and I went to Rob & Karen's house in Mission on Saturday for dinner with my mom's side of the family; meanwhile, Mark was at his brother Paul's house for Battletech. Then yesterday I drove my mom to the airport for her trip to Hawaii, we had an egg hunt, went to church (the service was awesome), then did the crib, and then went to Mark's parents for dinner. It was good, but we're tired now.

And now I go try to make some headway in the mess that is our house...

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