Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kara's Milk "Allergy?"

I guess I should start this post by saying that I was in Trail over the weekend for Coral's 30th birthday. I took Kara with me, and Mark and Chloe stayed home. I had a great time.


I didn't limit what Kara ate in the way of dairy, nor what I ate. Ice cream cake, cheezies, lots of M&Ms. Super yummy, but now Kara is paying for my lack of caring. Though it turns out this was a very good test. Anyway, over the last few days Kara has slowly had rashes return to her legs, then today I noticed it on her tummy, chest and cheeks. I know she finds it itchy, and it looks horrid.

So after she went to bed today, I decided to look up milk allergies more in depth. I basically discovered that IF it is a milk allergy, its a Milk Protein Intolerance. Since its a super-delayed reaction, it is very hard to prove that she has an allergy using the normal skin/blood test that allergists employ. However, I am convinced that she is for sure allergic to milk, and will no longer give her anything with milk in it. And that means no more milk for me until I am no longer breast feeding her.


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