Friday, August 6, 2010

Birthday Bear

Chloe's birthday is coming up on August 24. Her friend Ruby's birthday was on July 30. As a gift for both of them, I took them to Build-A-Bear workshop on Thursday. They had a great time. Chloe got a pretty purple bear, and Ruby got a horse. (Though Ruby was talking the whole time we were driving there about how she really wanted a unicorn!) Chloe named her bear "Canolee" (say it like canola, but replace the a with an e), a name she came up with all by herself! They also got to choose an outfit for their friend, and a pair of shoes.

While the staff were helping us make the bear and horse, we mentioned that the trip was for the girls' birthdays, and all of a sudden they had "I'm the Birthday Bear" stickers, and they got a birthday song sung to them! Very cool, and unexpected.

Here's some pictures of our trip :)

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