Thursday, August 26, 2010

Today's Walk

I've lined up a penpal for Chloe, and we had to walk to the mailbox this morning to mail the letter we wrote earlier this week. The mailbox is about 30 seconds from the park, so we stopped there after. The best part of the walk, though, was all the "look at this" we did between our house and the mailbox.

It rained for about 30 minutes this morning, so the first stop was the puddle on the road right next to our car for some jumping. Then we found a snail on the sidewalk, and I showed Chloe how it pulls its eyes in if we put a twig too close. I also asked if she remembered the name for the shape a snail's shell makes (she did!). Then we stopped and looked a huge devil's club plant growing by the sidewalk, and I explained that its a dangerous plant. Then we looked at a holly bush, and underneath discovered shamrocks (with the heart shaped leaves, as opposed to the clovers with circular leaves on our lawn). Then we looked at some rose bushes, and talked about how Grandma Rose is named after that flower.

By this time we were at the mailbox, and Chloe could reach to open it! Hooray!

At the park we helped Kara learn how to blow bubbles (we brought them along from home), jumped in some more puddles, went on the swings (where Chloe practiced pumping) and had lots of fun.

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