Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Swim lessons

Chloe and Kara are both enrolled in twice a week swim lessons for August. Every Tuesday and Thursday we show up at the pool just before 5, get changed and head to the pool deck. Chloe joins her teacher and two other almost-4 year olds. I take Kara to her class of 7 infants and toddlers from 6 months to almost 3 years. Don't worry, its parent participation. We have 25 minutes in the pool, and then its a crazy mad dash to line up for a change room.

We've had 5 lessons so far, and Kara is doing great. She knows to close her mouth and hold her breath when I put her underwater, and really likes being tugged around in the water. I can't really watch what Chloe is doing because I'm with Kara, but on Tuesday Chloe said "Look what I can do Mommy!" and proceeded to put her entire face under water! In just 5 short lessons I have seen Chloe's confidence in her swimming ability increase, she has become much more comfortable in water, and I've seen the increased confidence spill over into other areas too. For example, I took the girls to the park this morning, and Chloe was able to climb up the chain ladder with absolutely no help and no crying. Three weeks ago it was a struggle to get her to climb it with help.

I am SO proud of both of my girls. They amaze me, and I thank God for them often. Being a mom really is so rewarding.

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